Marmaduke Rescue - Puerto Rico

MANATEE COUNTY – One Great Dane’s journey from near death is reaping the benefits from pet lovers who care.

Last month, a volunteer teacher outside a small village in Honduras found Marmaduke alone, tied to a pallet. The dog’s back leg was paralyzed, he had bacterial infections in both eyes and suffered from malnutrition.

With the help of Southwest Great Dane Rescue in Sarasota, Marmaduke was transported to Florida. He now lives in a loving foster home in Ellenton.

President of Southwest Great Dane Rescue Alexus Leedom explains the lengthy process of getting Marmaduke to the U.S.

“We were finally able to find a Mexican airline that would fly Marmaduke into the States got him to Miami. The whole trip was you know it took a lot of man hours just getting everything worked out. He needed a special crate. We went back and forth with a crate.  Are we gonna be able to get it?”

The rescue raised more than $3,000 for Marmaduke’s medical expenses.  You can donate here.

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